12 Simple tips to Be Happier


Do you want to be happier? These are some simple tips to be successful and productive .

 Tips No.1: Control your negative self talk

If you want to feel happier, control your negative self talk and negative thoughts. Positive self talk will help reduce stress and create more peace and happiness in your life.

Tips No.2: Increase your confidence

When your lack of confidence makes you feel defensive and insecure, pay close attention to it. Your lack of confidence is causing you to feel insecure, People look to something external rather than digging into the root of the problem.

Tips No.3: Start listening to your own desires

Always become the best at what you want to doIt’ll put you on the fast track to be a happier, more fulfilling life. Do’nt make any decisions based on what others think.

Tips No.4: invites others ideas

 invites others ideas to learn about new perspectives.Be Curious, open doors and invite opportunities.

Tips No.5: Get more rest

To feel happier about your health, try to relaxed, stress free and get some good sleep habit. Create new habits that will help you to get more good night sleep.

Tips No.6: Make some real good friends

Make friends everywhere. Make friends outside of work. Make friends at work.

Above all, make real friends. You’ll live a longer and happier life.

Tips No.7: Express your gratitude

Happy people focus on what they have, not on what they don’t have. It’s motivating to want more in your life, but thinking about what you already have, and expressing gratitude for it, will make you a lot happy

Tips No.8: Pursue your goal

Pursuing goals make you happy. So be grateful for what you have, and then actively try to achieve more.

“People who could identify a goal they were pursuing were 19 percent more likely to feel satisfied with their lives and 26 percent more likely to feel positive about themselves.”

Tips No.8:  Help other people

Helping those in need, it is remind us, how comparatively fortunate we are–which is a nice reminder of how thankful we should be for what we already have.

Tips No.9: Exercise

Study reveals that, smarter–exercise creates new brain cells and makes those new cells more effective.

Tips No.10: 4. Plan a trip

A vacation or break from work can improve your happiness. Think about where you’d like to go and plan the trip, even if you can’t afford it right now. Much of the fun is in the planning.

A study published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life showed that the highest spike in happiness came during the planning stage of a vacation, as people enjoy the sense of anticipation.

Tips No.11: Chase a few experiences

To be happier, don’t chase as many things. Chase a few experiences. Money is important. Money does a lot of things. But beyond a certain point, money doesn’t make people happier.

“Things” provide only momentary bursts of happiness. To be happier, don’t chase as many things. Chase a few experiences instead.

Tips No.12:  Live the life you want to live

Make choices what is right for you. Your hopes, your dreams, your goals–live your life your way. Do which brings you happiness.

Hope these 12 Simple tips helps you to Be Happier and more productive.

Author : Anupananda Baruah (betterlifemantra)


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