Do You feel good for a reason

I have interacted with many people and asked them:

When do you feel good?
A1: I feel good when I meet my friends
A2: i feel good when I eat pizza
A3: I feel good when my manager appreciates my work
A4: I feel good when I achieve the targets set by my manager
and so on……

Do you think there is something wrong with these Responses? No? I definitely felt that there was
something wrong about the answers.

what was wrong was they had confined their happiness to an outcome of an event associated
with present or future, this is what most of us do.

Lets do a simple excercise here:
Think about your favourite food:
While you are thinking of your favourite food,imagine it is placed right in front of you and it looks just the way you would want it to.
It smells just the way you like – you can smell all the ingredients just the way you like.
It’s just the right temperature you prefer.
Now grab a bite and enjoy the taste.
Take your time be in that moment and enjoy every bit of it……

Once you do this you will realize that though the food wasn’t physically in front of yet you felt
just the way you would feel when it’s physically in front of you. I am sure you felt good while
performing the excercise.

Now think about this you did not taste the food in reality yet you felt good about it. So in a
nutshell feel good is a state that does not merely rely on outcome of event in present or future.
The moment we confine it, we loose the best part of our life. You can feel good by recalling the
incidents in the past that made you feel good, happy and full of life.
Favourite food excercise is an example to make you realise the potential of your brain. You can
recall the memories and get into the state at will.

Always remember you can feel good for no damn reason!

  1. Namit Jhaveri 4 years ago

    Loved it

  2. taksheel 3 years ago

    I toh always feel good to meet frds and relative…!!!

    they are special

  3. emdelicious
    emdelicious 3 years ago

    How about A5? I feel good when I sleep. 😅😅

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