How to find Purpose of Life


What truly moves you and how can you turn that passion into a fulfilling mission in life? Everyone is different; but I have found some strategies to find what is purpose of life.

Do you ever think what is purpose of life? Do you ever wanted to find meaning of life? People feel fulfilled when they check off their list: getting married, having kids, buying a certain house, reaching a certain height and profit level in their business. But happiness doesn’t come from money and success. Even celebrities who make more money than we can imagine don’t feel fulfilled.

What truly moves you and how can you turn that passion into a fulfilling mission in life? Everyone is different; but I have found some strategies to find what is purpose of life.

Your Personal Mission Statement

Here’s a quick way to get a sense of your life’s purpose.

By reviewing the kind of person you are and the abilities that come naturally to you, even if they got you into trouble in the past, you can gain insight into your life purpose, says psychotherapist Tina Tessina, Ph.D., author of The Ten Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make after Forty. Do so by writing down a list of descriptions about yourself in each of the following categories:

Personal qualities (e.g., friendly, intellectual, a good communicator)

Your talents (e.g., painting, motivating people by public speaking, athletics, mentoring)

The circumstances that tend to repeat in your life (e.g., do you wind up teaching others, listening to people’s problems, working with children or technology?)

Your desires (e.g., traveling, cleaning up the environment, running for political office)

Then take the answer that is most important to you in each category and complete the following sentence:

I ________________ (your name) am designed to be a ________________ (insert personal quality) who can ________________ (insert talent) and I find myself ________________ (fill in recurring patterns or circumstances) often, because I am supposed to ________________ (desire).


Most fulfilling Past Time

A sense of purpose comes from within and isn’t imposed or chosen from outside, Your purpose may be your livelihood, or it may have nothing to do with how you make a living. Your purpose may be a simple one, like making a good, healthy life for yourself and your children, or it may be more dramatic and based on what you learned by your own childhood experience.

Make a list of everything that gave you pleasure as a kid and teenager, Maybe it was playing cricket, acting or guitar. Then once you rediscover that passion, look for a way to use it to help others. Maybe you can volunteer to coach a cricket team for underprivileged kids.

 Whom you admire most?

You might admire a colleague’s nature, or that he or she is so in tune with family. Or maybe it’s someone really big, like Bill Gates. The answer may or may not be a famous person. Admire his characteristics, his vision and ability to stay focused in spite of the adversities, but don’t try to be him. Learn from him, but be you.

 Your core values

We can accept certain values because we’ve been taught they’re important, but sometimes they don’t work for us. After years of listening to others, You may realized that what mattered to you was freedom,

Start by making a list of values you think are important, They may include everything from integrity to friendship, faith to humor, patience to spontaneity. Then rank each on a scale of 1 to 10. All values are good, But understanding which are most important to you will help you understand what will give your life meaning. . It may take six months of meditating plus a wilderness trip plus therapy, but collectively those experiences will produce a spark and something will emerge from the process.

 What causes are near and dear to my heart?

What gets you most upset? Maybe it’s the stories of child abuse or the parents working three jobs who still can’t pay their bills. Maybe it’s the lack of vaccines in underdeveloped countries that could stem the spread of preventable diseases. You don’t have to find one thing and stick with it forever. Just open your mind to the possibilities. That it can take a while to settle on the right focus for you, so plan and research before settling on a cause or a role. “Talk to the people who are involved in an organization or area you’re interested in: What challenges are they telling you about, what is their biggest need, how can you fit in and contribute?

 Goals I set for myself

Take stock of each segment of your life and write down what you visualize as the ultimate goal in each area. Include your career, family, health, relationships, spirituality and travel desires. Ask yourself what would my best health look like? Who are the people I most want to spend time with? What do I most want to change? Write down each ultimate goal and make a habit of visualizing each one on a daily basis.

If you don’t understand and set your own goals, you will end up living someone else’s.

What do I want my legacy to be?

The ultimate question for anyone considering how to make a greater contribution to his or her world: A simple way to get to this answer is to write your own obituary. Just start by recording the facts, and then add in others’ opinions that you would hope to be true.

Whatever form it takes, “In the end, a re-examination of our lives seldom talks about money and power, but focuses instead on the ways we have all made a difference,” . Let that be your guiding principle for the next, best stage of your life.

Author : Anupananda Baruah (betterlifemantra)

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