Lessons from Mother Nature

As a child, growing teenager girl, adolescent to adult woman, I always thought I was someone who is bigger than xyzee, knows so much more and is a potentialite. To satisfy my ego and hunger to achieve excellence I would have sleepless nights and put my brains’ nerve cells at task to gain recognition so that Ms. Sheetal is praised in all means, first by herself and then society. However, in the process of achievements, I had not lost my integrity – I was intact with being kind, and, bringing smile to many was, indeed my motto. What was astonishing was the fact that my ‘I’ was more important than my ‘We’.

I realised I am wrong and I need to change to grow for the betterment of self and society while on my travel to Bhutan. The huge mountains and steep blind curves, valleys, chilly winds, grey-blue clouds, blooming colourful flowers; showed me my size. I am as tiny as a sesame seed when it comes to comparing. I thought I was as pure as water, but coming close to nature was breath taking; the water made me see my inner self letting me know that child in me wants to fly and dance. Why am I so engrossed in the idealistic Me when the divine Me is ready for its calling? The ego has to be destroyed and dumped for the self to bloom red as rose does. I have to give more to receive. It made me wonder that these mountains had space for everyone; trees, shrubs, flowers, animals, insects, humans, demons; it was open to all. And, yet, it never looked small. We need to be like that, be open, be giving, and we will receive.

The mountains had different structures, some were straight, some curved, some oval/round and unique in its own way. They had 4 sides that made me think deep – their Uniqueness, they were very very pretty – couldn’t take my eyes off them, deeply tranquil, had imperfections but one could immediately ignore the ugly part because the beautiful side was worth climbing for! We – humans, somewhat resemble the same. The problem lies when we do not accept our imperfections and stress over it so much that the beautiful us also starts decaying within with the very negativity and ego that dominates our wanna-be ideal self.

Folks, Thee come thy nature and will return back to nature. If nature can be embraced and loved then how can you not? Acceptance is the key. Peace is the vehicle. Beautiful is the road ahead. Uniqueness is you sitting on the driving seat. And, Belief is your engine. Some curved and high hills might be difficult to drive, but slowly and eventually you will move ahead with the skill you possess. So, let’s put the gear on and remove the dust from our eyes and drive onto a road that is less travelled but worth going.

This was my trip to Self-discovery. When is yours?…

Author : Sheetal Lakhani (tailoryourthoughts)


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