Life of a back packer

I’m a traveller. A Solo Traveller. I’ve travelled to amazing places with the most heavenly views on earth. I’ve trekked and also got lost in the earthquake affected regions of Nepal, Langtang. Trekked to the frozen lakes of Lord Shiva, eaten wild fruits, partied like there’s no tomorrow, done things without the fear of being judged or opinionated about, played with foxes and lived like a nomad too.


Envy Me? Don’t…For I still am not content at heart or at peace in my mind.

So the reason behind me to write this post today is after a coffee date with a girl who expressed her desire to sell her stuff and travel the world, without any responsibilities of work, family and friends, responsible only for herself.

Well she isn’t the first one to express this desire as I know many youngsters who wish for the same life, who quiz me on my solo travels. While she spoke about her wish, I wanted to interrupt and tell her that that’s not all she would be expecting during her travel.

I wanted to narrate an experience of mine of my 30th birthday at Pokhara, wherein we (I and two of my friends) were rowing a boat to the other side of the lake, enjoying the beautiful view of mountain peaks and yet feel empty at the same time. I wanted to share my feeling of the moment when I was not in a frame of mind to bestow my faith and trust in anybody in the deserted region of Langtang, a mind with conflicting thoughts of fun, mystery and scare during my trek to an altitude of 4840m. A feeling of desensitisation to the amazing heavenly beauty on earth.


If you are wondering that I’m crazy to whine about such experiences then you are right. If you are wondering to tell me to shut up and not complain about these breath taking experiences then you are right. For I have lived a life that most people wish of living but get caught up with work and commitments. But with every travel story of mine comes one caution for sure – “it isn’t always perfect”.

The truth of travelling indefinitely is that it is exhaustive. I admit that I made amazing friends during my travels, had amazing relationships, but realistically don’t know if I would ever see them. I don’t know if I or they would remember the times spent together for one simple reason – Life goes on.

My facebook friends includes most of the people I’ve met during my travels but I also confess that I’ve lost a few old friends. I’ve lost the beauty of celebrating birthdays, celebrating the weddings, celebrating the success of friends. The only connection with old school friends is an Upload of my pictures and selfies on social media and they being commented and liked by my people. I long to be in person with my friends, my people when they celebrate.

Well I’m not complaining because I did enjoy amazing sunsets on deserted deserts of Jaisalmer, I did enjoy the chirping of the birds in the forests of Nepal, I did enjoy the swiftness of fish in Myanmar waters, I did enjoy speaking to truckers exporting goods to China from the Nepal borders, I did enjoy shooting stars in the quiet nights for which I express my gratitude to the universe for giving me this privilege. I’m grateful because I’m debt free.

But I’m not yet living my dream.

Well I still have stories to tell, stories of getting lost in the jungle for days, stories of my survival on 5 apples, stories of fear, stories of moments of joy and happiness, but for now I choose to get back to a few old friends

Travel my folks, travel in your life, either it’s your work, your venture or your dream, but Travel. Travel where you are not sure of what to expect, travel to the unknown. Travel even if you are alone – For the world really doesn’t let you be alone.


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