Most Practical Tips for Happy Life


Twelve tips to live long and be happy:

Khushwant Singh India’s most popular and prolific writer has, over the years, enlightened and outraged in equal measure and enriched our lives with his humor, his honesty and his sharp insights and observations. In Khushwantnama, the 98 year old reflects on a life lived fully and the lessons it has taught him. Here is his distilled wisdom on tips to live long and be happy. According Khushwant Singh Twelve tips to live long and be happy:
  1. Exercise regularly or try to play a game-whether it’s tennis or squash, badminton or golf.
  2. If you cannot do any of these, get yourself a vigorous massage once a day.
  3. Cut down on your intake of food and drink. Maintain a strict routine for meals. Start your day with a glass of fruit juice.
  4. A single peg of single malt whiskey in the evening is good for your appetite. Don’t eat much. Try to eat alone and in silence.
  5. Stick to one kind of vegetable or meat followed by a pinch of chooran.
  6. Never allow yourself to be constipated. Keep your bowels clean by whatever means you can: laxative, enemas, glycerin, and suppositories.
  7. Keep healthy bank balance for peace of mind. It does not have to be corers but enough for your future need and the possibility of illness or failing health.
  8. Don’t lose your temper, and do laugh often.
  9. Give generously. It will cleanse your soul. Remember you cannot take what you have with you.
  10. Instead of whiling away your time praying, take up a hobby: gardening, music, helping children or those who are in need. Remember: Always keep busy, keep both your mind and hands working.

Author : Anupananda Baruah (betterlifemantra)


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