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Been in depression ,since how long i dont know, It drains out all of my talents (i  am a very talented female). I am living all of these year as another self,my family don’t recognize it because i became so good in hiding myself that i started doubting my own personality. which  ones true? the one who is writing or the one about whom  i  am writing? I hav everything in  my life that I could ask for. Best parents,  best siblings, a college life,  an intelligent mind, good emotional quotient, perfect long distance relationship with best partner  blah blah …..but there is this constant pain  in my heart. For what i don’t know? may be the series of incidences or the urge to create best out of me. This is what depression is. I start crying for  no reason at all and then blame everything that I have. I feel the happiest a second ago  and then feel devastated the very next moment. This change of emotions in  your mind make it fatigue.  I have  friends who are all far away from me ..but again  its me who never receives the call or maybe I choose to  ignore. Depression is like a black hole it catches up even if u try to escape with the just hope of trying not to get caught in it. I am not even having the courage to ask for psychiatric help because the shock my connections will have is what i am scared of.

Author : Anonymous

  1. lifeisbeautiful
    lifeisbeautiful 3 years ago

    You have put life into the words…! Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. If i were you i would have spoken to my sibling and parent and reached out for help to either a psychologist, counselor or a life coach.

    • dee1
      dee1 3 years ago

      Hello dear, i can totally understand your situation. And I m sure you will be able cope up with it very soon as you mentioned that you are talented and blessed with many things. We human being have such a short life. And in that we tend to look at what we do not have in life. Or we LOOSE our PRESENT thinking about our past or future. One needs to LOVE Oneself. God has gifted us with this body. We do not vaule the same. We overthink and we tend to spoil our physical and mental health. I am not sure what has affected you in the past. However, i would just say that Pls COMEOUT from your PAST. LET GO. You need to forgive any person/ self ( whoever it is) or ask for forgiveness( you may not talk to the person but in ur mind you can forgive) to be able to feel free. If you are not happy with the Past, Then why you want to carry ur past with yourself ?. You need to be kind to ur self. Do not be too hard on ur self. You should do things which you enjoy. Like a hobby, musics?, pamper ur self. I would love to hear from you soon that u r feeling better. Do keep us posted. Hope you take my message postively.

      • Roana Ghosh Author
        Roana Ghosh 3 years ago

        dee1 …. right now i am improving myself ….thankuh somch …i am feeling so happy after your reply … i have taken some steps..i am working on … hope to make best out of me .. !!

    • Roana Ghosh Author
      Roana Ghosh 3 years ago

      thank you smch..# lifeisbeautiful …. 🙂

      • dee1
        dee1 3 years ago

        I am very glad to know that. Please keep it up!! God bless.
        And always feel free to share.

  2. ansh
    ansh 3 years ago

    I am suffering from mild depression and mild OCD. My parents and friends do not know about it. I am a freelance writer so my medications and psychotherapy it at my expense!
    You should not think what your connections might think!
    Its you who is suffering!
    Its you who should take the decision of making your life better!
    Try and reach out to a doctor!
    The doctor will help you!
    Just consult one and if you are satisfied, carry it forward! Otherwise quit it! It is always your call!

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